Fake News: Welcome to Professional Domination

With all of the bandying about of the term “fake news” these days, it got me to thinking about my profession. Unfortunately, fake news has been the norm rather than the exception since social media has taken over all of our lives. Back in the ancient days of print, there wasn’t a lot of real estate in an ad to discuss falsehoods. It was more important to have a great image, contact information, and a few areas of interest to attract attention. Even in the early days of the internet, it was more about having a clear website online than making claims of how great one was.

My how the times they have a-changed! Social media has raised the bar so that the race to stand out has changed the nature of truth. Instead of merely posting images of oneself, now everything has to come with a claim attached. There are those who claim to be THE BEST DOMINATRIX IN (fill in your city here)! There is even someone claiming to be THE BEST DOMINATRIX IN THE WORLD! Not sure where that title is bestowed. I’d love to find out. Really Ladies? The best? By who’s standard? How long have you been around? I have twenty years under my belt and I’ve never claimed to be the best at anything. Where do you get off doing it? There are qualities in this world that can be QUANTIFIED and there are those that can not be. You can not quantify the “best” of Professional Domination because there is no standard for this claim. You might be the best in your own mind, but that’s a different story…

Not only do we have those claiming to be THE BEST of a geographical area, we also have those who attempt to massage the truth with all of their other claims. Gifts are one of these areas where falsehoods tend to abound. Some might be true, and some might be false. We will never know. Did all of those amazon boxes really come to you from a slave, or did you just buy them yourself and claim otherwise? Did that car you’re claiming was a gift come from a client or your boyfriend—who is your so-called slave? I remember hearing the tales of a Pro Domme who regularly posted images of gifts from her vanilla partner and then claimed that various slaves. A wealthy partner is NOT the same as a bevy of clients. Do you see where I’m going with this? Do you get paid in lieu of tribute with items instead of cash? It’s not so impressive then now is it?

Lastly, there are the claims regarding how busy one is. “Coming to YOUR CITY soon! I WILL BE FULLY BOOKED!” No you won’t. Sorry for pulling back the curtain on this one Ladies, but we all know the nature of traveling. The reality of what you claim online and your calendar are two different things. Sometimes you get fully booked, and sometimes you don’t. You just say that you always are because it looks good. Posting your availability for Skype sessions immediately after arriving in town is a sure-fire give away that you aren’t “fully-booked.” True story…The simple math is that during any given time of the year, each city has so many Pros visiting that it’s impossible for all to be booked up due to the nature of our flakey potential clients.

I’m writing this blog post because I know it can be disheartening for newer Pro Dommes to see this crap posted via social media and wonder what they are doing wrong. How come THEY don’t get the cool gifts? How come THEY don’t have all of these clients booking them on their next trip? Take heed Ladies: It’s not all the truth. It’s difficult to maintain one’s integrity in this crazy business, but it CAN be done. Social media buzz is good, but going quiet from time to time can also breed mystery into your activities.

I know I didn’t make any friends with this post. To quote my gamer friends–/care.



One thought on “Fake News: Welcome to Professional Domination

  1. Well said VQ. I think another part that drives this dynamic is we undiscerning submissives who believe “fake news” without taking any time to think about it, or do any additional diligence.

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