I Messed With Texas

I’m back from my trip to Dallas and Austin to attend the Foot Parties in both cities. What a whirlwind of a journey it was! Luckily I had yes ma’am to help out with all of the arrangements, transportation, etc. so I didn’t have to stress out about one solitary detail!

I’ve never flown First Class before, and all I have to say is NOW I understand what the big deal is. I didn’t find out about this treat until shortly before I was due to depart, so that made it even more special. Talk about a boys club, though. I was the only female in our special section. I was also the only female with a video ipod. I ended up giving a tech talk to a few of the other passengers about what I held in my hand, how it worked, and how one goes about transferring television programs from one’s TIVO to an ipod. If I were Apple, I’d make sure more folks took their video ipods on planes as that is one of the best places to start a buzz. People still don’t expect to see moving pictures on an handheld screen.

Flying First Class made it so that when I arrived in Dallas, I wasn’t stressed out at all (despite being awake since 4 AM). After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed straight to the party where I changed into my foot finery and things got underway.

I had certain expectations about Texas, and more specifically Dallas. I thought that i was going to see lots of tall, artificially enhanced blond women all over the place. I don’t think I saw one. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, just not in the limited areas where I happened to be. I also didn’t expect there to be as much indoor smoking as I encountered. I don’t care how much you people in other states bitch and moan about your “rights” as smokers, indoor smoking is simply not pleasant. When you couple it with a lack of ventilation, it can really cut into one’s enjoyment of a location. And yes, as someone who engages in the smoking fetish, I CAN discuss the ins and outs of smoking indoors. If you’re going to do it, then have plenty of ventilation or make sure that everyone who is in the room doesn’t mind the after effects.

The guys at the Dallas Party were very enjoyable, and my patent leather pumps and stockings didn’t go unappreciated. I also was able to provide some much-needed foot domination to one of the cutest subs I’ve ever seen. Thank you to Mistress Elle in Los Angeles for training him as well as you have.

After a long drive back to Austin, yes ma’am and I did the same thing the next night and attended the Foot Party there. The evening began in a very surreal manner as we pulled up to the club’s parking lot. There were a ton of cars there, and music could be heard thumping from inside the building. The party wasn’t due to start until 8 pm, so this seemed like a good omen at 7:45. We were completely stunned when we figured out what all the fuss was about. There was a cheer leading business/club/practice area right next door! Imagine our surprise as we saw a string of girls leaving as we entered our location. If they only knew that their feet could be use for something other than tumbling around at football games…

The Austin party location was larger than the Dallas one, and more well-lit. I was quickly snapped up by an admirer who spent close to two hours with me. WOW! It’s certainly nice to be appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting fans from the area, and it was so much fun to show one of the oldest attendees what he had been missing all these years.

The rest of the trip involved yes ma’am’s consistent but not overwhelming attention, and outstanding food. Since I’m a big lover of red meat, I certainly got my fair share in the Lone Star State. With all of the partying we had done earlier on the trip, we had a fairly mellow last evening together since frankly we were just tuckered out.

I hope to return, but I don’t know when that will be. After the long plane rides that I’ve endured to NYC and Europe, Texas is a bit of a walk in the park. Besides, it’s nice to be in a place where my Tony Llama’s are appreciated :). Thanks again to yes ma’am for his sponsorship and making it as enjoyable as my trip to New Orleans in 2000!