Miss Footnight 2006!

Most of my trips to LA are lots of fun, but this last one just couldn’t be beat. I won the Footnight Model of the Year award and I can’t begin to describe how good it feels. As is the custon when one wins an award in this country, I figure a nice long THANK YOU is in order for everyone who made this possible via their attention and encouragement over the years (in no particular order):

Baddog in Connecticut–For contacting me for my first ever professional session and introducing me to the wonderful world of trampling.

Trampleguy–For being a trustworthy client, friend, and making requests that keep me on the cutting edge of the Trampling World!

The guys at Mistress Destiny’s Forums–For showing appreciation, VOTING LOTS, and being a great bunch of foot fetishists!

Steve Savage–For starting this whole foot party thing in the first place! Also for getting me on my first model’s list and being there all along!

Leata Lee–For showing me that women can enjoy my feet too!

squonk–For all the rides and rooms and massages during our LA journeys. Thanks for contributing to my shoe collection too!

Ron in the East Bay–for your tickly mustache and encouragement during our car talks.

Steve–for being a good rug and the cute gift you brought to the last party.

Floor–well, for being just that–a good floor and person to walk all over (in a good way!).

Lookingup–for all of the shoe shopping excursions in New York, the dinners, and our time together.

Mike in Vegas–for the fun times at the LA Parties and our horse discussions.

Steven S–For the way you say, “Goddess! Majesty”

Mistress Rebecca–For showing me what guys look at in a pair of women’s feet all those years ago…

Yesma’am–For standing by me for so long and making the Texas Parties a possibility!

My Nail Ladies–I wouldn’t have won without the regular pedicures that you do so well!

Dave Tone–For making me trample you until you are quiet!

Lelani–For setting the bar so high for the title.

Jackie MagicFeet–For being my trample partner in crime and encouraging me every step (no pun intended!) of the way.

Mr T–For teaching me how to move my feet FAST all those years ago at the Y!

Nail5us–For just being you!

Dave in Nawlins–For your diligence

RenĂ© in Amsterdam–For showing me that rubber stockings are great for trampling!

Nico in Germany–For being such a good slave.

Nick in Italy–For making sure that my visits to Europe are always enjoyable.

And last but not least, to my personal foot slave who has been a constant source of encouragement. The road to self-improvement wouldn’t have been so easy without you telling me I could always do better!

If you weren’t mentioned in this list, then you mean nothing to me and you should go slit your wrists–NOT. The folks who have been part of the Foot Party process should know who they are and that I am thankful to everyone who helped out in my journey to this title. I am only human and my memory can never be 100% complete :).