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Fan Poetry

This poem was written by a long-time fan of mine. I have received submissions like this in the past, but the quality has been, ahem, lacking. I really enjoyed this particular composition and deem it worthy to publish:


Vinyl Queen and St Andrew’s Cross.

Shadows of the faint whispers

Time and again, she rules, one would say,
Looks that thrill and words that slay;
Her dominance over your mind, body and soul,
A Sign of the shadows of faint whispers.

Her looks sneak within your frail frame,
Her high heel stilettos pierce your face;
Trampled beneath her full-weight,
You’re way too weak to resist.
While, she Cracks her whip to perfection,
You bow down at her feet in absolute submission.
A sign of the shadows of the faint whispers.

She channels the fire within you to submit,
To revel in the joy of obedience and her supreme authority you admit;
She corrects you, disciplines your wayward insolent behavior,
A stroke of her whip and the sting of her tight strong slaps
force you to beg at her feet,
When you lay there waiting by her feet, the clock ticking by the hour, for her permission.

Her tall, dominating, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, hourglass figure,
Engulfing your entire presence;
A sure sign of the shadows of faint whispers.

Poem Courtesy of @stddevn


I recently returned from my last working trip of 2015. It’s always a pleasure to head to Antwerp. I’ve been visiting twice a year since 2008, and I have quite a few clients who see me each time I return. This is due in no small part to the tireless efforts of Mistress Shane. I used to exclusively do double sessions with her during my first stays, but now many of those clients will see me solo. She also finds me clients for us to dominate together each visit. It’s convenient that we share the same tastes in activities so I can be assured of compatibility with each new slave I encounter.

Some people return home for the holidays–I go to Antwerp. This might sound silly, but the people I encounter in the studio are like an extended family to me. Some of them have been seeing me professional since 2004. A few have visited me in the United States or other countries in the EU. Since Europe isn’t as riddled with sexual guilt as our Puritan Nation, my clients there have a different relationship with me. They share more about their lives and it’s not “weird” to them. In turn, I know that my discussions with them won’t be peppered all over social media if we should have a falling out. Speaking of social media, one client didn’t seem to know who KK was! How nice that the evil influence of that family hasn’t spread everywhere.

Another big difference between, at least Antwerp itself, and San Francisco is the lack of obsession with screens. It’s like returning to a different time walking around that city. People aren’t compulsively staring down at their phones, or checking their iPads while they eat. I got strange looks when I had to check a map on my device while strolling around. It’s also nice to not see every single child looking at a device while they are out with their parents.

Belgium isn’t perfect by any stretch, but Antwerp is a nice location to visit during the holidays. The Christmas markets, the Cathedral bathed in holiday light,2015-12-12 23.57.46 and a lack of tacky Christmas installations (inflatable yard figures disgust me) make traveling there in December good for the soul. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m immersed in kink for the duration of my stay. Most people attend vanilla holiday parties. I was able to visit the Femdomania Party during my stay. Mistress Shane and Mistress Morticia host an amazing  evening of Female Domination at The Fetish Cafe. A lucky slave from Paris attended the party with me. He was by my side as we witnessed male slaves serving their Dominas and prospective slaves vying for the attention of the Ladies in attendance. I was fortunate to have a fellow American to chat with. Domina M graced the event with her presence and we caught up after not having talked in many years. She shared with me that her new home base will be in Paris. How exciting! My worldly travels pale in comparison to where this lady has visited. I made sure to pick her brain and ask her all the questions I have about various locales. I’m delighted that she was more than happy to share tales of her adventures.

I missed seeing the lovely Mademoiselle de S at Femdomia, but at least I was able to share a double session with her at Mistress Shane’s. She is a true Lifestyle Domina that I met through a former client. She has participated in some of the videos I have shot while in Belgium. We are kindred spirits and I love to hear her order her slave about in french. For those who are aware of her, she IS available for double sessions with me when I visit Antwerp. I highly recommend serving a true Lifestyle European Domina. It’s an experience unlike any other.

While I enjoyed my visit immensely, I’m happy to be back in the US. I couldn’t live anywhere else. My travels only assert that the SF Bay Area is my home and probably always will be. There is a reason why everyone wants to live there!

Happy Holidays,




While I would love to update the world on my recent trip to Antwerp, I’m no fool. I know that my words will be drowned out by the drum beat of Star Wars fans populating the internet with reviews, images, etc. Thus, I’ll share a personal story from an experience about a decade ago.

I had a trip planned to New York that was to coincide with one of the “new” Star Wars movies. I don’t remember the title or the year, and frankly those details aren’t important. This was in the days before Uber and Airtrain from JFK to the subway. The economical option was a shuttle service to take me to my hotel after my flight arrived. For those who don’t know, I am one of those people who suffer from motion-sickness. I know how to mediate it, but one of the hallmarks of this malaise is yelling “shotgun” every time one gets into a multi-passenger vehicle. This doesn’t work in public places, but instead I do my utmost to sit upfront to see out the windshield. This is how I ended up directly behind the driver when I got into the van.

For those who have never had the unpleasant experience of suffering along in a hotel shuttle to Manhattan, the van starts its drop offs at one end of the island and makes its way up VERY SLOWLY. If you are staying anywhere near Midtown, it’s going to be some time before you’re out. Get ready for a long and jerky ride from hotel to hotel. You will also find yourself alone with the driver eventually. This is what happened in my situation.

As we approached Midtown, traffic came to a crawl. The driver was doing his best to take the least congested route. We ended up on a one way side street that happened to be near a theater where one of the new Star Wars movies was to premier soon. I’m a fan but I’m not a super nerd. I chuckled as we saw the various people dressed up and camping out in tents along the side of the building. I shook my head as we crept along, then eventually stopped. “WHAT NOW?” I thought as my patience was coming to an end. My journey seemed like it was never going to end.

Traffic was halted and there didn’t appear to be any reason. The light ahead was green, so what was the hold up? As I peered from behind the driver, I saw two storm troopers approaching either side of the van. It seemed like they were making up their own traffic control.GREAT. I had NO desire to be drawn into any more fan nonsense than I had already seen. Now I was getting irritated. Yes, it’s a common theme in my life.

The driver was getting frustrated as well and he wanted to figure out what was going on. He rolled down his window (remember doing that?), and looked at the approaching centurions. He started to ask them why they weren’t letting traffic through.

Now sometimes I come with a quick retort that is completely appropriate for the situation at hand. This was one of those moments. I leaned in behind the driver’s head and sternly said to the storm troopers,

“These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

The men in costume looked at each other and waved us on.There was a collective sigh of relief in the van. A few minutes later I was able to FINALLY reach my destination. Needless to say, the driver was grateful for my intervention.

And THAT is my Star Wars story folks! We will return to our regularly scheduled program of Femdom Discussion in our next episode…



2015-11-13 20.30.56I visited Washington, D.C in November. It almost felt like New York, Part 2, as I followed up with a client I had seen with Mistress Amiko. This particular gentleman had visited me in San Francisco many years ago. We reconnected via a double session and he was kind enough to offer himself up if I needed any help while in D.C. Do you know how long I have been waiting for a chauffeur during my travels? The only time it has ever happened was with the wonderful Albert in Amsterdam. Sadly, I’m not going to entrust myself and my luggage to any random guy who offers me a ride. Thus, I have held out for someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Enter Trainee still.

I usually take the Red Eye as I prefer not to waste an entire day in the air. This means I land at an ungodly early hour and usually have time to burn before I can check in. Trainee still provided a seamless experience of airport pick up, a place to nap, as well as an outstanding lunch! I arrived at my Washington, D.C. Air Bnb location rested and content. I couldn’t have asked for better service!

The rest of the week went by in a flash. My schedule was fully-booked with doubles with Mistress Tyler. Oddly enough, two of the men we saw together had visited me during the same time period as Trainee still–1999-2001. I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with these folks, even though I’ll admit my memory was a bit weak remembering them. I regret that I don’t have every single client I’ve ever seen seared into my brain. Mistress Tyler and I were treated to an amazing meal at Le Diplomat with one of these gentleman. I have never done a “double Domme” dinner like that before. I highly recommend it. How often do you get to dine out with TWO beautiful women with the wit and savvy to match?

My trip would have been outstanding if I had made my way to Washington, D.C. alone, but I had the good fortune of meeting up with my friend and partner in crime NicoNicolette. She is not a Pro Domme but she is a wonderful compliment to what I offer in session. We obviously have different limit structures so this adds to the possibilities when we meet up. The doubles we have done together have been truly out of this world, as at least one lucky client can attest to! We stayed in my Air Bnb together and generally networked and shared as only two sex workers can do. Friday night we had our one evening together. We went The Hamilton for our Girls Night Out. I wanted to show NicoNicolette this amazing location. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. We walked by The White House on the way back. It was cold and windy, but always a proud moment to see the home of the POTUS within site.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to introduce Trainee still to NicoNicollette. She had to return on a much earlier flight than mine. I was treated to another amazing experience when he came to fetch me later that morning. He took me to Trummer’s on Main for a breakfast that will go down in the record books. It was honestly the best one I’ve ever had. He really went out of his way to show me sites that he found special and unique. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to bookend my trip. Thank you to Mistress Amiko for the training you have done. It really shows with him!

I’m back home now for a few weeks and then I’m off to Belgium. Stay tuned!



Autumn Travels

October and November saw me visiting the Eastern Seaboard. I was in New York City and then Washington, D.C. respectively. I enjoy my travels to this part of the country because I feel totally at home there. As I love to tell people, my mother was from New York City so I was raised with “that attitude.” I might have grown up in California, but I don’t have the same laid back mindset. If anything, that drives me nuts. I am direct, to the point, and I speak my mind whether you like it or not. I have the good fortune of my best friend living in Brooklyn. Thus, I have a welcoming place to stay when I am working in New York.

This trip, I made sure to explore parts of New York City that I haven’t been to before. My best friend and I traveled to The Bronx to visit my mother’s childhood home. I don’t know much about The Bronx other than the way it’s portrayed in the media. Understanding that Oakland gets a bad rap too, I figured that The Bronx would be equally as diverse with its neighborhoods. I wasn’t disappointed.

2015-10-18 14.51.42

My best friend is quite resourceful and we ended up finding the exact address where my mother lived when she was growing up. It made sense as to why California eventually became depressing to her. She didn’t enjoy the “golden hills” in the summer and she longed for green all the time. That is one thing I don’t mind about the SF Bay Area. I enjoy the landscape and its microclimates.

We HAD to visit “the REAL Little Italy” of Arthur Avenue while were in the general area. I have to say, I was disappointed with the meal I had. So much for authentic Italian food. We both agreed that the food was subpar compared to where we usually dine in our respective areas. I guess we had the misfortune of picking an establishment that wasn’t that great–despite good reviews. Keep in mind that my best friend is of Italian extraction and lived in Italy for a period of time. She’s a good judge of Italian food. I just know what I like and this wasn’t it.

The other touristy experience of my trip was my journey to One World Trade Center. I went with a long-time client who books me for an entire day whenever I am in New York City. Each trip we explore some place new together. This time we went to the top of the tower and checked out the 360 degree view. It was impressive to say the least!

2015-10-17 15.33.31

Yes, I took this photo :).

Of course there were amazing sessions to be had, but I’ve already touched on those via Twitter and the like. If you’d like visuals and information about what went on at the NYC Rubber Studio, check out my Twitter feed.

In Part 2, I will discuss the Washington, D.C. segment of my travels…


As I creep ever closer to the 20 year milestone in my chosen profession, it continues to amaze me how much there is to learn. Being a Pro Domme can be an incredibly isolating position if you allow it to be. It’s really up to you to seek out networking opportunities from the appropriate peers. I stress appropriate as the operative word here.

2015 saw me interacting with some of the greats in this industry: Irene Boss, Mistress Precious, Ariana Chevalier, Mistress Tyler, Mistress Troy, and Mistress Shane. Each time I met with these women, I learned something new. These weren’t necessarily ground-breaking moments, but rather different perspectives on topics that weren’t I hadn’t considered for some time. On that note, it has become apparent that I need to update my damned blog more.

I update my social media on a regular basis. It’s easy, simple, and FUN. For those of you who don’t know, I can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and even the dreaded Facebook. Those updates don’t require lots of WORDS and that’s what seems to drive interest from my more erudite fans. Fair enough. I had never wanted to be “that Mistress” who only discusses “this is what I did in my last session.” I have a lot of other things going on in my life, so I’ll be touching on those topics. And yes, there WILL BE more complaining. My last blog post ended up being a royal crock of you know what. You subs have done a pretty terrible job of not being reliable, but so what else is new? That is a story for another day though.

Off to compile my adventures!

Not complaining for once…

As in most things in life, it’s easy to only get fired up about the negative situations. When was the last time you left a great restaurant review? When was the last time you actually called a merchant’s survey number to compliment a clerk? Right, I didn’t think so.

It was recently brought to my attention that I can be a bit of a Negative Nancy. I know this. I’ve been this way since I can remember. My overly cheerful mother used to remind of this aspect of my personality on a regular basis. She wasn’t right about “boys don’t like it when girls are domineering” so how could she be correct about my incessant complaining?

I know that I SHOULD blog more, but what about? The world doesn’t need yet another “I just had a great session” discussion. Please. I like to write about topics I feel passionate about, and unfortunately that tends to be about more of the bad than the good.

Then along comes someone who is totally positive even though he has many reasons as to why he could have a different outlook on life. He shows up unexpectedly, brightens my day, and surprises me more than anyone else has this calendar year. Let’s just say that there are ways to demonstrate your devotion, and he struck every box on that list. Mind you, this was the first time we met! He made quite the first impression, and I’m looking forward to where our journey will lead us.

I have many fine regulars who greatly please me and have been for years now. This takes nothing away from you ladies and gentleman of the Queendom. It’s just a rarity “these days” to have someone make the effort to introduce himself personally and go the extra mile in the process.


Fernando Berlin custom thigh highs

Vinyl Queen in her custom leather thigh high boots from Fernando Berlin.

I am fortunate that my wish list is regularly emptied by my devoted fans. Sometimes a gift is “off list” and is only communicated privately in conversation between me and a slave. Thus, the story of my new boots begins. It all started with a former Pro Domme from San Francisco: Petra Saint.

Petra had a very specific idea about how a Mistress should conduct herself. I remember her telling me that after a Lady had been in business for five years, she shouldn’t have to purchase certain pieces of fetish attire. This was now the responsibility of her slaves and clients. I took this to heart and stubbornly refused to pony up for any new boots or large leather purchases. This technique worked quite well. I have been fortunate to be gifted with everything EXCEPT custom leather ZIP thigh high boots (until now).

A decade ago, another slave and I embarked on trying to find a manufacturer for some lace-up thigh high boots. The situation ended in partial disaster when the pair that arrived were baggy around my ankles. This is such a crucial portion of the boot. I was almost in tears when I tried them on. Yes, I had sent off measurements, but the maker clearly didn’t follow them. Luckily I found a cobbler who was able to modify the boots to fit my ankles, but it felt dirty to do this. It was like they were no longer a pristine pair of footwear. I knew they had been cut and re-sewn due to a foible. There wasn’t another boot maker I could turn to so the search for THE NEXT PAIR was sidelined.

Fast forward to last year and I find myself longing for custom thigh highs again. I have the good fortune of being friends with a Lady in Belgium who is served by a supreme leather fetishist. Who better to ask about leather boot makers in Europe than he? He shared a few names with me and I started researching their reputations.

One of my personal slaves took up the cause of acquiring me the boots. This is a former client who now serves me inside and outside the dungeon. We embarked on getting my measurements accurate, sending off the photos of my legs, and then waiting for the wonderful day when the boots would arrive. The unwrapping happened in late 2014, but I have greedily kept them to myself since then (well sort of). The boots traveled with me to Germany and Belgium in April, as well as DC in May. They have received a thoroughly positive reception. It’s time for me to grace the world with more of a photo than my Easter teaser (see below). Some lucky fetishists were able to taste them as I made my way from Essen to Antwerp and beyond.

I’m simply tickled with their fit and I am already looking to what my next item from Fernando Berlin will be. There are still gaps in my Fetish Bucket List, and I intend to fill them. I highly recommend this manufacturer for their quality, service, and attention to detail.

boots, shoes, and an Easter egg

Vinyl Queen’s favorite boots and shoes in Essen, Germany during the Fetish Weekend.

I recently visited Irene Boss at her Pittsburgh location: The Compound. I admit I had a lot of trepidation before embarking on my journey. I had met Ms. Boss at varying points in my career, but I had never spent all that much time with her. I knew she had built a vast business empire, but what would it be like to work with her in person? Nerves ensued as my departure came to fruition.

I don’t want this post to be a maudlin love-fest. No one believes those anyhow. What I CAN say is that Irene Boss puts the P in Professional Dominatrix. She is a rare gem leftover from the Golden Age of Professional Domination. If you THINK you have a good business model as a Pro Domme, it most likely pails in comparison to Irene Boss. I am no stranger to this line of work and know how to do it successfully, but I felt like a kid with a lemonade stand compared to what I witnessed during my stay. It was exciting and humbling to recognize that I still had a long way to go in my career. Ms. Boss enabled me to think outside the box on a number of situations specific to being a Dominatrix. It’s not that I’m doing anything wrong, but there can be another approach on how to handle the curve-balls we encounter from time to time.

I think every business person needs this type of experience at certain points in their career. Unfortunately it’s more difficult to arrange in essentially a grey market area where it can be tough to ascertain authenticity. Yes, there is a convention we can attend to tap into the peer knowledge base, but been there, done that. Most professions have continuing education/certification programs but we Pro Dommes have to often make it up as we go along. Visiting irene Boss was exactly what I needed. It’s not like we sat down and she gave me a mini-class. I was simply able to observe her in action, which is often the only thing a skilled crafts-person needs to soak in knowledge.

Not only is Irene Boss talented but she is also the real deal. She isn’t someone who plays the part of being a Dominant Woman and then reverts to a shrinking violet after a session is over. I didn’t need to experience a fake “voice” that she would coo to her clients (VOM!). Her energy is genuine and a force to be reckoned with. What you see is what you get. I can’t say how often I’ve encountered “so-called Dominant Women” in the Scene, only to find out they simply put on a good act in front of their clients.

I am returning to San Francisco invigorated with a fresh perspective on what I bring to my work and how to do it better. Thank you Irene Boss for allowing me to experience your magnificent world. You have constructed a universe that needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.


I don’t often call potential clients out, but I’ve received one too many requests like this as of late, so it’s time for a little bit of education on the subject.

I understand that not every male is submissive. I also know that many fetishists find themselves in a difficult situation because they don’t want to submit, but what they seek is often offered by women who are classified as Dominant. The result is people like me receiving emails for sessions that are incredibly specific and demanding under the auspices of them being “a simple request.” I’m going to break it down for you boys so you can understand my position point by point. Below is the body of the email I received. Mind you, it was sent to a large number of other women as the “undisclosed recipients” marker showed up above my name. THAT is very classy (not) and is a good way to turn me off from the get go. I don’t like being part of your bulk call-out, but I digress:

“I put down simple in the subject because my requests are very simple and straight forward. The person who used to do this for me decided to quit the business and I’ve been out of luck. I am looking for a test session and would like to turn that into a regular thing if it works out.

I am fairly busy man running my business so I’ll get to the point. Here’s what I need:
1 – The session I require is a doormat fantasy session
2 – I like my face to be used as a doormat under large boots
3 – I need black shoe polish or something similar being applied on the soles of the boots so that every inch of my face is black after the session is over
4 – I like my mouth/lips to be wiped on heavily
5 – Finally, I would like a small amount of tooth paste to be put on my teeth and I need the soles of the boots to be used as tooth brush cleaning my teeth with the
tooth paste

If you are the right person for this, please write back to me and let me know that you understand all the points above and have no issues with any of that. If you have questions about these points, ask away.

Whatever your rate is, I’ll be able to pay.
Please let me know.”

1. So this guy’s provider (I’m using that word since I don’t know what her classification is as a sex worker, and yes we are ALL sex workers when it comes down to the nitty gritty) has retired and now he doesn’t have anyone to literally fill her shoes. What most likely happened is they started off with a different version of this session that revolved around boot trampling. He figured out he was really into face-centric boot play and things evolved to their current state. My advice: Don’t get this specific in your requests guys. You aren’t leaving any creativity on my part. This is what we call “SCRIPTING.” Your little male brain doesn’t see the problem with it. I do. I’m not your waitress. I’m not here to cater an order to you. We need to meet half way and this session sounds like it’s all about you and nothing about my happiness (that just sort of matters).

2. Don’t tell me how busy you are. I assume EVERYONE is busy in this day and age. Am I supposed to give you a gold star because of this? Do you think that I will respect you more because you run your own business? If anything I think you’re pathetic for needing to tell me about this fact. Your ego is leading the way and you want me to recognize your accomplishments. Yawn…Once again, once you walk through my door I could care less what you have DONE and it’s all about what you WILL DO FOR ME.

3. There is too much about YOUR NEED. Wrong. I am the one who says I NEED. I know. You’re not submissive so you forget about this and you just get into laundry list mode. Even so, strike that word from your session negotiation vocabulary. “I would like it if” is a much better phrase to enter into a discussion about your interests. Ultimately I will decide what you need. I am the trained professional here.

4. Once we get to the third point, all aspects of simplicity have left the building. What makes you think that I want black shoe polish ON THE BOTTOMS OF MY BOOTS? This sounds messy and a real pain to clean up post-session. The polish won’t stay on the bottoms of my boots, it will migrate elsewhere on the footwear, and I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get on my flooring. There will need to be towels (which will be ruined after that crap gets on there), and more clean up than usual. Speaking of clean up, you will need to mess up my shower afterwards attempting to remove all of the polish on your face. Great. More work for me. More ruined towels…Also, this whole “every inch of my face is  black” wording is a harbinger of trouble. I can see it now: woman attempts to accommodate this request, but a small patch is NOT covered. Guy sees this and flips out and accuses woman of not doing a good enough job. Leaves her a lousy review and stalks her by sending her nasty emails about how terrible she is. No thank you. I don’t need the potential for that kind of aggravation in my life.

5. The whole toothpaste situation. Once again, I don’t want toothpaste on the bottoms of my boots. This just sounds like more of a sticky mess and problematic clean up.

6. No, you’re not going to pay whatever my rate is. Ultimately you foot guys are cheap and whine incessantly about money. Almost twenty years in this business has taught me that. I don’t believe this statement you’ve made whatsoever.

So now you boys are saying to yourselves, “Thanks for tearing this guy’s request up. You’ve told us what NOT to do. Can you at least tell us what we SHOULD do? You betcha:

If your provider has retired and you grew into an incredibly specific scenario with her, keep in mind that you are NEVER going to be able to 100% recapture what you had together. That’s just the way life goes. If you try to do the same sessions with someone else, you will only see what the current Lady isn’t doing correctly instead of what she IS doing accurately. It becomes a nitpicking scenario that is devoid of joy because “you just want her to get it right.” Instead, when you contact someone new, frame your interests in broad terms. For the guy in this email: “I am into a doormat type fantasy. The provider I saw for x years has retired and I’m looking to establish a relationship with someone knew. I’d like to discuss my fantasy with you and see if we can meet on common ground based on our mutual interests.” Listing every single aspect that you’d like to happen is a recipe for dissatisfaction for both parties. It also means that many of the more experienced Ladies will file your email in the trash immediately.

If you have specific clothing/shoe requests that are super important to your fantasy, then offer to procure them for said Lady. You can inquire as to whether or not she possesses such items, but if not, it’s on you to make props happen.

In closing, keep your initial email requests simple. Understand that I require respect when being contacted. If you’re not submissive, then let me know. I can work with you, but only if I feel like you’re meeting me halfway.