My Visit From Denise, The Rubber Slut

Last night I spent a number of hours with one of my favorite clients: Denise, The Rubber Slut. Denise has been seeing me for a number of years now, and we always have a good time together. This due in no small part to the amount of preparation that he goes through in order to make the session run smoothly. Denise brings his own outfit, toys, and always has something new and interesting to share in that realm of “things” he has in his arsenal.

I also appreciate that Denise has a persona that was developed prior to visiting me for the first time. Mind you, I don’t mind making up personas for those who are into cross-dressing, but my attitude is different when I am presented with a fully-formed “personality” in session. Denise is one of those.

Denise likes to suck cock. Denise also adores rubber, hence the name. I don’t run into too many satin or lace sluts, but I DO know of rubber sluts. Mind you, it’s not easy for me, Denise, and whomever is helping me out with the session to be COMPLETELY clad in latex for the duration of the session, but we all endure due to how the presence of so much rubber transforms Denise’s responses.

Last night was a first for Denise. I have been rotating various new people into our sessions together and this was the first appearance of my friend Kat Meyers. I have known Kat for a few years and I also know that she has a latex wardrobe and looks good wearing it. From my experience shooting a video with her and doing some photo shoots, I knew that some day she’d be a welcome addition a session. I was correct in my assessment. Denise concurs I’m sure. From the moment that Denise sat down for his makeup application, we could tell he was nervous about the other Mistress in the room. These nerves translated into Denise performing to his Rubber Slut best and impressing even me with his willingness to serve and take pain for the two of us.

You can read more about Denise’s experiences here. More photos and video of Denise are also available in the members section of my website ( shameless plug). Denise is a lot of fun to watch 🙂 but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself!