Slave r’s Story

Slave r and I met after communicating by email. He was coming to town on business and we arranged a time convenient for us to meet. Rather than go on and on about MY side of the session, I will simply allow his account to describe what happened during that wonderful afternoon:

(The following description and images are circa 2001)

My session scene surrounded a “girlfriend” fantasy. The Vinyl Queen left the room for a few moments for me to prepare. My fantasy scene started assuming that I had met the Vinyl Queen about six months ago at a local club. She was dressed in an outrageous vinyl outfit, which clung, tightly to her curvy body. She is about 5’7’ tall in her bare feet and much taller with her high-high heels. She has a long mane of beautiful black hair that cascades down her back to below a point just above her lower back. Anyway, at the club it was obvious that she was looking for someone to light her cigarette. Since I have an intense smoking fetish, I immediately noticed the beautiful all white, extra long, super thin Capri cigarette delicately held in her perfectly manicured hand. I cautiously approached her and asked if I could light her cigarette for her. Of course she accepted the light. I was so mesmerized by her beauty that I could not speak another word. Well, as you might imagine, the Vinyl Queen could immediately see through me to my submissive core. She could tell that I wanted to ask her out, but due to my submissive nature, could not cough up the courage to engage in conversation with such a beautiful woman. She said, “would you like me to be your girlfriend?” I was floored, here was this beautiful, sexy woman, sexily smoking, asking me to be her boyfriend. Well, I jumped at the opportunity. Over the course of the next six months, I would appear on her doorstep whenever she called me. She was always in charge of this rather unusual relationship. In fact, early on, she told me that she really didn’t have any use for me as boyfriend in the strict sense of the word. But, that I might prove myself worthy by serving her in other ways. She made it clear to me that as her “boyfriend” I would never have sex with her, as I was not worthy to have sex with such a beautiful woman. She also made it clear that I was to not only remain celibate, but I would not pleasure myself in any way unless directed to do so by my Mistress. Well, as our “relationship” progressed, I became accustomed to learning to serve her needs and to put my needs and desires aside. In fact the following details of our recent “date” typifies the status of our relationship.

The Vinyl Queen summoned me to her space. I arrived at the appointed time and was told to go into her dungeon room. I have been conditioned to immediately strip and kneel on the floor to await her arrival. A few minutes later, she entered the room. She looked absolutely stunning. She was dressed in a short black vinyl dress and she also wore a short black vinyl bolero jacket. Her thigh high stockings were sheer black and she wore an awesome pair of knee high black leather boots. The boots were the lace up variety that I so much love because of all of the detail. They had a semi-platform sole and super high-heels. The high quality leather smelled fantastic. Her beautiful jet-black hair cascaded down her back and she smelled wonderful. In private, I call her “Mistress” and she refers to me as her slave. In public, we are girlfriend and boyfriend.

Well, the first thing that the Vinyl Queen did was to place a pair of bondage mittens on both of my hands. These were then buckled together tightly behind my back. In fact, my wrists were pulled so tight behind my back that my upper chest was totally stretched out! This level of constriction of course began to excite me. Well, the Vinyl Queen loves to control me in every way and immediately sensed the need to control my “out of control” genitals. Today she chose a length of leather cord. She expertly wrapped the leather cord under and around my testicles. This placed my testicles and penis in unbelievably tight bondage. My testicles were in fact stretched away from my body and separated by that nasty leather cord. The Vinyl Queen was now in total control of my genitals. That really got my attention. The Vinyl Queen began to tell me that she was going to train me in a few more details today. She also told me that her girlfriends did not believe her when she told them that I was not really her boyfriend, but that I was her slave. She told me that although her friends were always curious as to why I was so attentive to her needs, they still did not believe that the Vinyl Queen really controlled me as a slave. Well, the Vinyl Queen told me that later on, she would provide her friends with some evidence! At this point my head was spinning and I wasn’t sure what she had in mind.

Next, the Vinyl Queen placed a full leather mask over my head. The mask was laced up in back and was very constricting. At least the eyes-holes were left open so that I could take in the visual pleasures of my Mistress. Just to confine me totally, my Mistress now placed a leather posture collar around my neck. This was buckled so tightly that is was impossible for me to move my head in any way – not up, down or side to side. So here I was, on my knees and totally restricted and constrained.

My Mistress then attached a heavy chain to my collar and led me over near a padded table. She hooked my chain to an eyebolt and left me on my knees. I felt so humiliated to be in tight bondage hitched to the wall like an animal. But, I have nonetheless accepted my position as a submissive and I know that I must suffer this type of humiliation for my Mistress. Thankfully I could see my beautiful Mistress in the mirror as she crossed the room to retrieve her cigarettes. Mistress is an incredibly sexy and seductive smoker. There is nothing more exciting than watching her smoke one of her long, all white, super slim cigarettes. Everything from her gorgeous lips, to her beautiful smoky exhales is enslaving. From this point on, she actually smoked continuously during our “date”.

Mistress knows me and my smoking fetish well. In fact, she uses it to enslave me further. She crossed back towards me with her unlit cigarette in her hand. I could see the all white cigarette contrast against her black outfit and beautiful black nail polish. She scolded me for failing to bring matches with me to light her cigarette. Not that I was in a position to light it anyway, since I was in tight bondage. She then forced me to watch her light her cigarette from a candle. She told me that I would have to be punished for my failure to meet her needs. She took a seat above me on the padded table. She looked stunning as she relaxed with her cigarette. Her cigarette ash became longer as she pondered my punishment. At that moment, it seemed to jump out. She told me that she no longer wanted to dirty her crystal ashtrays, so from now on I was to become her Human Ashtray! I was stunned, I could not believe that she would put me through such a degrading and humiliating task.

But, her power and beauty overwhelmed me. Early, I had told her that I would do anything for her just to be near her. She of course used this against me. She whispered, “now, now slave, I want you to be my ashtray. Don’t you think that I’m so beautiful that I deserve to use your mouth as my ashtray if I please?” As she asked her questions, with her hand that held her cigarette, she extended her finger towards my lips and sensuously rubbed my lips. My body ached with a surge of sexual excitement as my lips slowly parted. She inserted her manicured nail into my mouth. I licked her freshly painted nail with my tongue. I could hardly contain my sexual urges as I paid homage to her nail with my tongue. I was in heaven!

Well, I couldn’t argue with her logic or her sensual powers. She was beautiful, and demanding and I was a born submissive. I felt that I had an obligation to serve her needs, so I of course complied. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to accept her hot dirty ashes! She then flicked her long hot ash into my mouth. I swallowed and learned another lesson in submission and humiliation. Mistress continued to smoke her long cigarette while I was chained up on my knees like the near worthless slave that I am.

After relaxing with one more cigarette, it was time to learn another lesson. Mistress wanted to change out of her new leather lace up boots and get into another pair of new shoes. She unhitched my chain from the wall and led me on my knees to her comfortable chair. She removed my hands from the bondage mittens and took a seat in front of me. My penis was throbbing with excitement, as I was about to be permitted to touch her luscious leather boots. Mistress told me to lick and kiss her leather boots and to suck on the high heels. I gladly paid homage to those beautiful and aromatic leather boots. I paid particular attention to the heels and the platform soles

She pointed her cigarette at me and sternly told me to listen carefully while she explained how to remove her boots. As instructed, I carefully unlaced her beautiful black leather boots and remove the first one from her foot. I followed up with a precise removal of the second leather boot.

Mistress was concerned about changing her thigh high stockings. She made me gently remove each stocking from her beautiful, shapely legs. It was absolute torture acting as a handmaiden. I was truly just a lowly male serving the needs of his Mistress. My engorged penis was mercilessly bound with that nasty leather cord with no chance of release. I was again humiliated by my servitude to my beautiful and demanding Mistress. Mistress told me that since I was so good at serving as her boot slave, she was going to have me kiss them in public, maybe at a club, or in a restaurant. Although I was shocked, I know that when that time comes I will comply with her wishes.

Mistress then instructed me to place a new pair of super silky stocking on her legs. I carefully rolled each stocking up her legs to a point just under her short black vinyl dress. I was of course careful not to touch my Mistress’s creamy white skin too much as I know that I am not allowed such a pleasure.

Mistress was relatively pleased with my performance. Next, she instructed me to remove her new pair of shoes from a box on the floor. Well, when I pulled the tissue paper away from the top, I was staring at a pair of shoes that were a fetishist’s delight. They were a pair of black patent platform shoes with a 5″ high-heels. They had a buckle strap around the ankle and smelled just luscious. I was permitted the pleasure of placing this new pair of shoes on my Mistress’s feet and adjusted them to the proper fit. Next, she ordered me to pay homage to her new shoes my licking and kissing them. I was again in heaven as I applied my tongue to every surface of her new shoes. I paid special attention to licking the soles clean!

During the entire time as my Mistress’s handmaiden, she continued to smoke her cigarettes and use my mouth as an ashtray. She would interrupt my licking and kissing of her boots and shoes to flick her hot ashes into my mouth. She even threatened to let her girlfriends use me as an ashtray at an upcoming party.

During my handmaiden servitude, Mistress caught me touching by tightly bound penis, which of course is not allowed. She now told me that I would be punished for failing to obey her. She pulled on the heavy chain attached to my posture collar and again led me across the room and hitched me to the wall in a kneeling position. She then placed another pair of bondage restraints on each hand and wrist.

These restrains were made of leather and were similar to an open fingered glove. They had a thick padded leather piece that surrounded the palm and backs of the hand and extended several inches down each wrist. There were two wide leather straps with buckles. One strap went around the palm area and the other around the wrist. They seemed to be the type of restraint used in overhead suspension. I became very concerned that Mistress was going to hang me from the ceiling by my wrists. Mistress always has a way of keeping me off balance as her slave. She then pulled each of my wrists behind my back and buckled these restrains together. Not satisfied with the initial restriction, she found a way to really pull them tight behind my back so I could not move a muscle. My chest was pulled tight due to the pressure on my tightly cuffed wrists. This tight restrain sent a surge of sexual energy through my body. I quivered as my penis again became uselessly and humiliatingly engorged.

Mistress lit yet another cigarette while she surveyed by restrained body. She blew her sexy smoke into my face and said, “slave, there’s just one more thing we need to totally restrain you.” She then pushed an open mouth ring gag into my mouth. Once it was behind my teeth, she buckled it tightly around my head. I know I looked ridiculous as I could see myself in the mirror. I still had the leather hood over my head, with the posture collar and now the gag. Chained to a wall, on my knees with my hands cuffed tightly behind my back and my genitals in tight bondage. All this and my beautiful Mistress, flicking all of her hot ashes into my mouth and blowing her sexy smoke directly into my eyes and face. I just thought to myself, how lucky could I be. Under normal circumstances I would never be this close to such a beautiful woman. I felt completely at ease and content with my role as a slave. I began to drool uncontrollable due to the gag. My warm saliva began to dribble down my chest and onto my bound genitals.

bound slave with hood

Slave r in bondage

hooded slave with ring gag

Hooded and gagged to be Vinyl Queen’s ashtray.

Slave Stories: A New Home

In anticipation of a major site redesign on my part, there will no longer be “room” for slave stories.  My current site is bloated and outdated. In an effort to make it current, certain pages will need to be pruned. I feel that these accounts need to have a home SOMEWHERE, though. What better place than my blog? The first in a series of posts of slaves who have seen me in the past:

My trip to New Orleans in 2000

Could this be real? After all my planning and preparation was My Queen really coming up the gangway? Yes, yes, there she was walking right towards me smiling from ear to ear! I wanted to drop to my knees and kiss her feet with joy, but instead she hugged me tight, let me take her carry-on and off we went to get her luggage, me hanging on her every word as she told me about her trip. She is so beautiful and her voice is so sexy, I almost ran into a door just walking down the corridor listening to her.

I so wanted everything to be perfect for her first visit to New Orleans. Since we’re famous for Mardi Gras I had a nice string of beads for her, then surprised her with a white stretch limo complete with champagne (California, of course) and cold drinks. My truck would just not have been appropriate for My Queen. She was gracious enough to allow me to remove her shoes and kiss and massage her feet during our trip to the French Quarter. It felt so natural to sit on the floor worshiping her feet and listening to her talk. She had some questions about the weekend ahead and I excitedly told her about all I had planned. The idea was for her to see as many New Orleans highlights as comfortably possible, enjoy the best of the local cuisine, be totally pampered and get her hands (paddles, crops, etc.) on my ass. Flexible arrangements had been made for all of her meals and I gave her my suggestions with much excitement. She was genuinely pleased and that was reward enough for me.

It would not do for her to stand in the check-in line so I had already taken care of that and prepared the suite. Of course a regular room would not be fitting for My Queen so I had requested the most private suite available. It was perfect, top floor, end of the hall, large sitting room and all the amenities of a first class hotel. I had completed the arrangements with a dozen red roses, French vanilla candles, an assortment of cold drinks and several new outfits. She was pleased with the accommodations and extras and that was what I wanted to hear. Knowing that she would be a little tired from the trip I excused myself, leaving her to rest and get ready for a walking tour of the French Quarter with me as her guide.

At the appointed time I knocked softly on the door and noticed that I was shaking with excitement. She let me in, told me to strip, lay out the lingerie that I had with me and wait for her in the sitting room. You see this was not going to be a regular walking tour, oh no. I had learned long ago that everything I do with the Vinyl Queen is exciting. She had me put on a matching set of bra, garter belt, stockings and thong panty. Then she watched with an amused look on her face as I, following her instructions, bent over and inserted a remote control vibrating egg into my butt. She let me wear regular slacks and a Polo shirt, but no socks with my loafers. She tested the remote and off we went.

It was so exciting to be seen with her and be around her. I love to watch the looks on guys (and girls) faces when they see her coming. They try not to stare, but usually are not very successful. Little whiffs of her perfume, her beautiful smile, her sexy body and her astute and amusing observations made for a wonderful time together in the Quarter. She got the biggest kick out of waiting until I was in the middle of describing a landmark then turning on the egg. As soon as it started buzzing I would go blank and I stammer and stutter trying to complete my thought. She would laugh and say, “Go on, tell me the rest!” or “What were you saying, again?” One of my goals is to provide amusement for her and she was definitely amused.

We returned to the hotel and had a most enjoyable time just sitting and talking. One of the things that I love the most about being with My Queen is her capacity to make the most of every situation and this was no exception. Whether I’m in her dungeon, restrained with my ass on fire or just sitting quietly and listening to her, it is always exciting. It was with much reluctance, but satisfaction that we returned to her suite so that I could change and head home.

My sleep was fitful that night dreaming of spending a large part of Saturday with My Queen. I arrived at the appointed time to find her well rested and in a wickedly playful mood. She was stunning as always in her catsuit and boots and had me in lingerie kneeling at her feet in no time. She added rope to my outfit this time and it always excites me how much more restrained I feel with rope wrapped and knotted artfully around my body and pulled tight between my legs. She had allowed me to bring nail polish remover, cotton pads and pick the color to go back on her toenails. I showed her my choices and she was pleased. Before letting me begin she cuffed my hands, just to make it more interesting. What a thrill to sit at her feet and work carefully on those gorgeous toes!

During our first visit, in San Francisco, My Queen wanted to give me a real taste of corporal punishment. Unfortunately due to a lack of sound proofing in the room I was staying in she was unable to really cut loose on me. It was a wonderful time and perfect for the beginning of a long-term Mistress/sub relationship, but she was itching to really redden my ass, and that was to happen in New Orleans. She was very picky about where and how to position me, left the shackles on and began to educate me on the instruments of pain that she had with her. She would explain the construction and best use of each one before attacking my butt with it. She would go slowly and methodically, then fast and furious, always keeping me guessing. It was the most intense paddling that I had ever received up to that point. It hurt so bad, but was so mentally cleansing. She is a true artist in several respects, including corporal punishment. It is amazing to me how much mentally stronger and more confident I am after each time she works me over.

During the afternoon she changed into several other fabulous outfits and we played some other games for her amusement. She posed me for pictures and laughed at me when my sore butt would hit the carpet. She taught me how to lace and unlace her boots and gave me one of the greatest privileges I can ever have, by letting me give her a body massage.

sissy in New Orleans

Yes Ma’am with The Vinyl Queen in New Orleans, 2001.

When it came time for me to leave I was sad, but so very satisfied. We hugged and said goodbye and I must confess I had tears in my eyes when I hit the down button for the elevator. They were tears of joy that the weekend had worked out so wonderfully and tears of sadness that it was ending. She had once again opened new, exciting doors for me and I knew that no matter how much I did for her in return, it would be inadequate. She let me know that she was pleased with my efforts, appreciated my attention to detail and was enjoying her weekend. Music to my ears!

The Vinyl Queen is truly a unique mix of beauty, intelligence, imagination, artistic ability, mind reader, tease, tormentor and confidant, in a graceful and exciting, killer package! She is My Queen and for that I am so very thankful.