London and NYC Recap

The Queen's Terminal.

The appropriate terminal for my arrival.

My October travels have come to a conclusion. It was certainly a memorable series of journeys!

I started off on October 5th to London. The purpose of this trip was to attend the Femdom Ball. I had been intrigued for some time with the concept of this event, and figured it was time to satisfy my curiosity. I had a bit of trepidation before setting out, as past experiences at London Heathrow Airport had not been efficient or pleasant during lay-overs (circa 2007). Thankfully, the process of getting to London went much more smoothly than I anticipated. Heathrow has changed significantly for the better. I was impressed with the entire process of making my way through the airport from landing, immigration, to baggage.

My faithful European travel slave, guy, was my attendant for the weekend. We have traveled to the Essen Fetish Weekend, and numerous video shoots in Belgium  in the past. He is an excellent traveling companion. I value his patience, resourcefulness, and above all humor in the face of transportation snafus. Let’s just say that our car service situation didn’t always goes as planned!

Femdom Ball Outfit

My Femdom Ball Ensemble.

The Femdom Ball itself was an interesting experience. I wore a latex top and skirt from House of Harlot. My female slave made the suggestion of choosing a color other than black. I thought that was an excellent idea and the results can be seen to the left. As for the event itself, I was fortunate to be seated next to Mistress Thick of New York. Let’s just say that we have like minds. I think our commentary kept the rest of the table entertained. One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Sardax. If you don’t know who Sardax is and you follow my blog, shame on you. Anyone who proclaims to be a follower of all things Femdom should know about his work. Sadly, one of the women at our table was completely clueless as to the man and his body of work. She was the winner of the real-time sketch with Sardax. Hopefully she has been adequately evangelized to his greatness and will become a future customer.

After the ball concluded, we made our way to Club Alice for the Rubber Cult party. Whereas the Femdom Ball was a formal event with many elaborate dresses and evening gowns, this event was simply about the rubber fetish. I saw every type of outfit imaginable! I think the latex cowboy ensemble was my favorite for originality and composition. Funnily enough, I ended up seeing some friends from the Texas Latex Party and Essen Fetish Weekend. It was nice to catch up with them.


The VQ Restaurant in London.

I didn’t session or sight-see during my time in London. I wanted to focus on the events on my schedule. There was plenty of socialization on Saturday and I used Sunday as a day to rest and catch up on social media and the like. We ventured out to the VQ Restaurant for dinner though. I simply HAD to visit this establishment. The VQ Restaurant is part of a chain that is open 24 hours–unlike my business! Ha!


I left London on Monday, October 9th and headed for my favorite city in the world: New York. I was obviously missed as the week was filled with sessions. When I wasn’t working at the New York Rubber Studio and bugging Mistress Ariana Chevalier, I was catching up with friends. Mistress Shane and I had dinner mid-week and Mistress Chloe joined us at the end. There simply wasn’t enough time to do doubles with either of them, but I’m hoping that this opportunity works out during a future visit. The best doubles manifest from real Femdom friendships. I also dined with @TheBootBitch during my visit. She is a Lifestyle Femdom friend.


The shoes modified for me by helix.

I don’t usually discuss sessions in detail that occur while I’m traveling, but this appointment was far more than “just” BDSM for pay. No, this was a life event. I say this as there are certain people in this world who have set themselves apart from the rest. The person in question goes by the handle of Helifix on social media. He not only enjoys being trampled, but he crafts BDSM toys as well. I think this is a bit of an understatement, as he has figured out a way to improve on a piece of equipment that I am notorious for using: the cockbox. He took the best parts of the cockbox–AND MADE IT PORTABLE! This device is also very visually appealing. Not only did he bring this portable cbt trampling board to the session, but he came bearing gifts. I am known for the modified high heels that Trampleguy has made for me. Helifix took it to the next level, yet again. He took a pair of “street legal” stilettos and made them into some serious “top fuel” contenders. I’m not exaggerating when I state that these shoes can’t be worn on the street. They simply can NEVER be on a floor. They can only be used on a soft surface such as flesh. Helifix and I had a great time using his cbt board and the new shoes. Like Trampleguy, he loves being recorded so I had a blast capturing video of the session. I am always fascinated to see what the ground level perspective of my trampling looks like. It just never gets old! I think it is apparent that I had a great time with helix. He is a very nice person as well as a great rug. My dream session would be where I trample him and Trampleguy at the same time.


A Manhattan in Manhattan.

My last working day in New York was spent on the outing I make every time I come into town. I meet up with a long-time client and we traipse around shopping and checking out new sights. The end of the evening was capped off by dining at the Carlyle Hotel. We first had a cocktail at Bemelman’s Bar. Then we moved to the restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the location and the dress code: gentleman MUST wear a jacket. After experiencing fine dining in San Francisco, where there are too many patrons who don’t seem to care about their appearance, this was a pleasant change of pace. The cuisine and service were impeccable, as I expected. The bar has certainly been raised for out next excursion in Manhattan!

I was able to have a personal day at the end of my trip. I spent it with my best friend visiting a zoo and seeing a movie. I’m going to keep the details slim on that day as I really have done on a bit too long this time. It’s time to wrap things up and move onto planning for my next stop: Detroit!

This Is Not A Simple Session Request

I don’t often call potential clients out, but I’ve received one too many requests like this as of late, so it’s time for a little bit of education on the subject.

I understand that not every male is submissive. I also know that many fetishists find themselves in a difficult situation because they don’t want to submit, but what they seek is often offered by women who are classified as Dominant. The result is people like me receiving emails for sessions that are incredibly specific and demanding under the auspices of them being “a simple request.” I’m going to break it down for you boys so you can understand my position point by point. Below is the body of the email I received. Mind you, it was sent to a large number of other women as the “undisclosed recipients” marker showed up above my name. THAT is very classy (not) and is a good way to turn me off from the get go. I don’t like being part of your bulk call-out, but I digress:

“I put down simple in the subject because my requests are very simple and straight forward. The person who used to do this for me decided to quit the business and I’ve been out of luck. I am looking for a test session and would like to turn that into a regular thing if it works out.

I am fairly busy man running my business so I’ll get to the point. Here’s what I need:
1 – The session I require is a doormat fantasy session
2 – I like my face to be used as a doormat under large boots
3 – I need black shoe polish or something similar being applied on the soles of the boots so that every inch of my face is black after the session is over
4 – I like my mouth/lips to be wiped on heavily
5 – Finally, I would like a small amount of tooth paste to be put on my teeth and I need the soles of the boots to be used as tooth brush cleaning my teeth with the
tooth paste

If you are the right person for this, please write back to me and let me know that you understand all the points above and have no issues with any of that. If you have questions about these points, ask away.

Whatever your rate is, I’ll be able to pay.
Please let me know.”

1. So this guy’s provider (I’m using that word since I don’t know what her classification is as a sex worker, and yes we are ALL sex workers when it comes down to the nitty gritty) has retired and now he doesn’t have anyone to literally fill her shoes. What most likely happened is they started off with a different version of this session that revolved around boot trampling. He figured out he was really into face-centric boot play and things evolved to their current state. My advice: Don’t get this specific in your requests guys. You aren’t leaving any creativity on my part. This is what we call “SCRIPTING.” Your little male brain doesn’t see the problem with it. I do. I’m not your waitress. I’m not here to cater an order to you. We need to meet half way and this session sounds like it’s all about you and nothing about my happiness (that just sort of matters).

2. Don’t tell me how busy you are. I assume EVERYONE is busy in this day and age. Am I supposed to give you a gold star because of this? Do you think that I will respect you more because you run your own business? If anything I think you’re pathetic for needing to tell me about this fact. Your ego is leading the way and you want me to recognize your accomplishments. Yawn…Once again, once you walk through my door I could care less what you have DONE and it’s all about what you WILL DO FOR ME.

3. There is too much about YOUR NEED. Wrong. I am the one who says I NEED. I know. You’re not submissive so you forget about this and you just get into laundry list mode. Even so, strike that word from your session negotiation vocabulary. “I would like it if” is a much better phrase to enter into a discussion about your interests. Ultimately I will decide what you need. I am the trained professional here.

4. Once we get to the third point, all aspects of simplicity have left the building. What makes you think that I want black shoe polish ON THE BOTTOMS OF MY BOOTS? This sounds messy and a real pain to clean up post-session. The polish won’t stay on the bottoms of my boots, it will migrate elsewhere on the footwear, and I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get on my flooring. There will need to be towels (which will be ruined after that crap gets on there), and more clean up than usual. Speaking of clean up, you will need to mess up my shower afterwards attempting to remove all of the polish on your face. Great. More work for me. More ruined towels…Also, this whole “every inch of my face is  black” wording is a harbinger of trouble. I can see it now: woman attempts to accommodate this request, but a small patch is NOT covered. Guy sees this and flips out and accuses woman of not doing a good enough job. Leaves her a lousy review and stalks her by sending her nasty emails about how terrible she is. No thank you. I don’t need the potential for that kind of aggravation in my life.

5. The whole toothpaste situation. Once again, I don’t want toothpaste on the bottoms of my boots. This just sounds like more of a sticky mess and problematic clean up.

6. No, you’re not going to pay whatever my rate is. Ultimately you foot guys are cheap and whine incessantly about money. Almost twenty years in this business has taught me that. I don’t believe this statement you’ve made whatsoever.

So now you boys are saying to yourselves, “Thanks for tearing this guy’s request up. You’ve told us what NOT to do. Can you at least tell us what we SHOULD do? You betcha:

If your provider has retired and you grew into an incredibly specific scenario with her, keep in mind that you are NEVER going to be able to 100% recapture what you had together. That’s just the way life goes. If you try to do the same sessions with someone else, you will only see what the current Lady isn’t doing correctly instead of what she IS doing accurately. It becomes a nitpicking scenario that is devoid of joy because “you just want her to get it right.” Instead, when you contact someone new, frame your interests in broad terms. For the guy in this email: “I am into a doormat type fantasy. The provider I saw for x years has retired and I’m looking to establish a relationship with someone knew. I’d like to discuss my fantasy with you and see if we can meet on common ground based on our mutual interests.” Listing every single aspect that you’d like to happen is a recipe for dissatisfaction for both parties. It also means that many of the more experienced Ladies will file your email in the trash immediately.

If you have specific clothing/shoe requests that are super important to your fantasy, then offer to procure them for said Lady. You can inquire as to whether or not she possesses such items, but if not, it’s on you to make props happen.

In closing, keep your initial email requests simple. Understand that I require respect when being contacted. If you’re not submissive, then let me know. I can work with you, but only if I feel like you’re meeting me halfway.


Australia 2013 Redux


I’ve been back from my trip to Australia for a week and I still haven’t talked about it. There are many folks who are wondering about my experiences Down Under, so it’s high time I put something up for the world to see. Unfortunately I returned with more than some pretty pictures and souvenirs. I came down with a bad head cold earlier this week. Needless I have been less than motivated to write about the trip. No one wants to hear about that, so on with the show!

I would be remiss if I didn’t begin a discussion about my journey without first thanking my benefactor: Trampleguy. We have known each other since 1998. He has seen me for professional sessions, video and photo shoots, and been under my feet at local foot parties. Thanks to his planning and generosity, I was able to visit Australia for the first time. I have to say that he is one of the easiest people to travel with. Of course if you’re going to wine and dine me around Sydney and the Gold Coast for a week, what’s so difficult about that?

Our time at the Gold Coast was spent meeting up with a dear old virtual friend that I had never met in person. The infamous Stryder was the rug of interest for my first weekend Down Under. It was amazing to finally get my heels into him! My only regret is that we didn’t get to spend more time together. He was as great as I expected, and then some.

ImageMy time in Sydney was spent site-seeing and enjoying a true vacation. This means that I didn’t have to answer the phone, professional emails, or be The Vinyl Queen for a week. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work intensely, but all of my travel is usually for work purposes. I’m always doing sessions in whatever city I visit. If I’m lucky, I have some extra time to play tourist, but it’s VERY limited. It felt odd to not have to get up for any reason. I also enjoyed taking my time wherever I went, since there were no deadlines. I made it to the Maritime Museum, The Rocks, The Opera House, The Zoo, and The Westfield Tower. I didn’t pack my day so full of activities that it felt like work. It was liberating to just amble around Sydney without any destination goals.

All in all, the trip was a magnificent success. I was able to explore a part of the world that I didn’t think I’d visit until much later in life. I was able to meet the legendary Stryder, and he was everything I expected and more. To the fans waiting for more photos and video or our time together–this too shall come to pass. I need to feel 100% before I started editing video and still.

Next stop: Antwerp November 2013!