R.I.P. mucous: Beloved Slave


mucous as a bad piggy.

I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it takes a big life event to make me want to share my thoughts. The news I received yesterday counts in that regard: I found out that my beloved slave and client mucous had passed away. I feel compelled to share about him. There was a part of his life that no one else knew about it. I want it to live on.

mucous was a single gay man without a partner or children. Yes, I said gay. We met due to his sexual orientation and the AIDS crisis of the 80s. He told me that he started to see Pro Dommes because he still wanted to experience penetration, but he didn’t want to take the risk. He was also very big into humiliation. Dominatrices were a perfect fit to scratch the itch he felt inside his mind.

He started seeing me way back in 1999. I was a Baby Domme back then and I really didn’t know all that much. Humiliation was an area of my work that was challenging for me. I know now that it was due to a lack of communication from potential clients, but I digress. mucous made it so easy. He was a small Southern man and the joy he experienced from what I did to him was always apparent: he would laugh when he felt pain or shame. There really isn’t a better combination for a submissive and a Dominant female. I do something to you. You laugh. I think that’s funny. I do something more to you. You laugh more. Wash. Rinse. Repeat!

Over the years, mucous’ interests evolved. He truly embraced what is now my core value: Making me happy is the Number One slave pursuit. He did not have a foot fetish, but he learned to love my feet. He was not into nipple torture, but he became addicted to the sensation. His humiliation desires took even more creative turns: he would bring accessories to our sessions like a pig mask.

I feel fortunate that we were able to capture many of our best times together on video. For a few years, his birthday was immortalized for the camera as I beat him with one cane stroke for every year of his life. mucous started seeing me in his mid-50s so you can do the math about how much caning ensued! He also thoroughly enjoyed having his genitals beat with a paint stirrer. This simple activity was something else we made clips of together.

For the last hour of every session, mucous and I would share during our downtime. It was then that I began to learn exactly how interesting he was. This process didn’t begin in earnest until the last decade, but I’m certainly happy it did. He told me about his early days as a gay man. Of how he had a “Gay Mentor” who showed him the ropes of hook ups. How this man would go to bars and parties with him to indicate who was interested in mucous’ attentions. Of how he would do many things, but he would never allow himself to be tied up…

mucous grew up in a small town in Louisiana, but he spent his formative years in Texas. It fascinated me to hear of the debauchery that took place in such a Conservative part of the country, long before I was alive! He told me how, as a teenager,  he would walk to the library in the early evening hours. How there would ALWAYS be a car that pulled up slowly beside him, and then turned the next corner. How that car would stop and wait with the passenger side window rolled down. How he would approach the vehicle and the man inside would motion for him to join him. Of how he was humiliated and forced to suck cock–and how he loved every minute of it!

He was also a world-traveler. mucous went on a Big Trip many of the years I knew him. He once sent me a photo from the ruins of an ancient whorehouse in Turkey. The admission barrier was the outline of a footprint in the entryway stone. If your foot wasn’t bigger than that, you could not go inside. mucous’ small foot was nestled deep inside in the impression. His comment was, “I guess I wouldn’t have been able to enter, lol.”

mucous was very generous. The gifts he sent me were treasured and useful. From the ten pairs of shoes he once sent me, to the drip irrigation kit that is responsible for my marvelous garden–he was thoughtful and specific in that regard. He would also bring back tokens from his travels. His trip to Egypt saw him arrive with essential oils that he anointed my feet with later in session.

There are many clients who have seen me over the years, but very few have had his track record. For eighteen years we spent time together every quarter. I am truly saddened at the loss of this great human being in this world. May his memory live on in our videos together. mucous, The Laughing Slave shall not be forgot!

Edit: January 2020 See Mucous at the .20 mark of this episode of Sin Cities we appeared in.

A Eulogy For A Friend: Sadie Hawkins

Goddess Sadie Hawkins and Vinyl Queen, March 2018.

Getting ready for the CFNM party in March 2018.

I had taken a hiatus from posting on my blog for a variety of reasons. That break ends today as it is the only format adequate to express my feelings during the loss of a friend: Sadie Hawkins. 140 characters just won’t suffice to describe the friendship we shared.

What set Sadie apart from other Pro Dommes that I encountered in my career was her outward level of poise and aplomb. Her manners were impeccable. She conducted herself in public as one should. We would see each other in passing at certain events and she was always cordial. The difference was that her salutations didn’t seem inauthentic. She had something unique to say to each person passing. You felt good after greeting Sadie. You genuinely wanted to walk up and speak to her because the interaction would be positive.

Thus, after all these times of meeting and greeting, two years ago, Sadie took things one step further. She invited me to her studio to work and attend a CFNM party she was hosting. I am always eager to work with other Pro Dommes. This seemed like a fantastic opportunity to ply my trade and see how Sadie ran her business.

I’m not gonna lie…My first visit to see her was challenging. This had nothing to do with her, but rather her slave who decided to end their relationship within a few hours of me arriving to the studio. This was one of the most disruptive and selfish things I have ever encountered in all my years of Femdom. Sadie handled the situation with style and grace though. As is tradition, when slaves drop the ball—the Mistresses stand up and finish what was started. We don’t have slaves handle tasks because we can’t, we have them do them because we CAN. Sadie and I picked up the slack and the CFNM party was a success. More importantly, she demonstrated to me how she lived her true Femdom Lifestyle to its fullest. During our time together that weekend, we shared many idea, stories and thoughts about the past, present, and future. We discussed our vision about “how things should be.” The slave who thought she had ruined everything, had actually brought us closer together. That’s how it works when slaves think they are going to win…

Over the past two years, the visit that I had with her blossomed into a wonderful friendship. We kept in touch on a regular basis. What set Sadie apart from other people I know is that she didn’t use the lines of communication to bitch or complain all the time. She didn’t only send me texts of when something was going wrong. She didn’t only have to share drama in her life. Our primary concern was our businesses, but we seemed to know what to say outside of those circumstances. Ultimately, Sadie wanted to help. She went out of her way to contact me about things she knew I needed to know. And that brings me to the type of person that Sadie was: GOOD.

When we use the phrase GOOD PEOPLE, that describes Sadie in a nutshell. We Dominas are supposed to be haughty and selfish. Sadie was anything but that. She ran her business in a straight-up manner, but also was very active in the Lifestyle Community in her area. I witnessed her interactions with them during my last trip in March. The level of outreach and care that she demonstrated blew my mind. I don’t have enough of me to go around to behave in that manner. So yes, I guess I AM selfish. That is why Sadie’s death is such a cruel and terrible tragedy. She only ever appeared to be trying to do the right thing. Yes, I am sad for the loss of a friendship, but I grieve more for those whose lives she made better.

Death during the holiday season is never easy. My own personal story has a tale of tragedy at this time of year. It has affected my feelings about Christmas ever since. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t reasons to still celebrate what we have. Use this incredible loss of life to examine the friendships you DO have and to strengthen them. If you have been meaning to spend more time with someone—DO IT. Don’t put it off. Make that phone call. Send that text. Tell someone how much they mean to you. You might not get the opportunity tomorrow. And yes, that IS an order!


Last Post Of The Year: Detroit and Belgium

2017 has almost come to an end. I’m not going to reflect on everything that happened, but rather the last two trips of the year. First up: Detroit!

I am thankful to Mistress Mara Mayhem for introducing Detroit as a travel destination in 2017. We made a very successful trip together in April. We immediately planned to return and November was decided as the next logical time to visit. I added Troy on as a side visit, with our final days being spent in downtown Detroit.

Troy SEEMED like such a great idea, but wasn’t. I wasn’t thrilled with my hotel suite, and let’s just say interest was lackluster for my visit. Ultimately, discretion was the biggest issue. It seemed like more clients were paranoid about “being seen” by someone they knew than anything else. While it was amazing to catch up with one of my long-time fans, it ultimately wasn’t worth it. Thus Troy, I won’t be returning. The male creatures there can just make their way to downtown Detroit and be happy that I’m visiting your state.

2017-11-09-18-00-30-e1514495941916.jpgDowntown Detroit was a different story. I simply adore this part of Detroit! How can one not love all of the new construction, renovations, restaurants, etc.? Mistress Mara Mayhem and I had an amazing hotel suite that was perfectly suited for our needs. I WILL chastise the local client population for its booking behavior, though. Male creatures who had contacted me in April, once again waited until the last minute to attempt to see me. I’m not sure what the issue is with planning and BDSM, but figure it the heck out! My erosguide ad is published TWO WEEKS before I arrive at any destination. There are also ample alerts on social media and my website. I had one fan drive up from Indiana to see me. He booked as soon as my trip was announced. THAT is how you do it folks! With that said, I ultimately had a great time with those who did plan and booked to see me.

I met up with my loyal client who takes me on outings in whichever city we meet. We started off the afternoon at a few locations around the downtown area. There were appetizers at Wright and Company and then a glass of wine at the Royce Wine Bar. Next up was a Detroit Pistons game at the new arena. I managed to snap an image of their cheerleaders in hot white boots. There is something about a pair of white boots that will always intrigue me. I have never owned a true pair of stiletto white boots though. It’s not like Satin Jim is going to be calling me up any time soon though…

I’m not going to discuss our dinner destination. It was less than stellar. I believe this was a matter of growing pains on behalf of the restaurant. It’s really not fair to lambast a location early in its existence. Hopefully we will get a chance to try them out again when they are more mature in their offerings.


The view from above San Francisco on my way to Belgium.

My last trip of the year was to Belgium. This is the bi-annual visit I have been making since 2008. This trip was more challenging than others in previous Decembers. Suddenly I had to deal with the consequences of winter weather! I expect rain in Belgium. I had never experienced snow there though. I think that many folks in various parts of the world had forgotten what cold winters were like. The past few years have been mild in the Eastern US and Europe. Not 2017! Luckily the first part of my visit in Central Antwerp was uneventful weather-wise. It was cold but I managed to keep my feet warm with the various foot rests who visited me during my stay.

I returned to my second location for the latter portion of my stay. I have been informed that clients in Belgium are not amenable to Mistresses who blog, so I will not mention her by name. This is unfortunate since I really wish I could laud her fantastic dungeon. Discretion is the better part of valor…

Despite the weather preventing some clients from making their way to see me, I managed to fill up my time in a most productive manner. Video clips, social media and my first show on CamonDemand.com made the cold days pass quickly. Luckily it only rained on my last day so I was able to have a marathon of sessions. I left the country exhausted but totally satisfied.

As for Christmas, it was outstanding as usual. It’s pretty difficult to have a lousy holiday season when I have slaves, fans, and admirers that are attentive and generous. I’m looking forward to 2018 and where my travels will take me next. As usual, check my website regularly for updated city and country dates. When in doubt, just drop me a line via email. I check it often and respond quickly.